If you have the internal shutoff valve to one of the exterior faucets at the end of the building, you are responsible for its winterization. We ask that you please drain it before the temperature drops below freezing since water in the line could freeze causing the pipe inside your wall to burst, which has the potential to cause costly damage to your unit. Taking the time to winterize before freezing weather will eliminate this worry.

Typically winterization occurs between October 20 and October 30, but of course is contingent upon the weather. The following procedure should be followed:

  1. The valve which supplies water to the outside faucet is in the master bedroom closet nearest the outside wall. Simply remove the metal plate and then close the valve.
  2. Open the outside faucet. It is normal for water to trickle out for a few minutes.
  3. Place garden hose in storage for the winter.

We wish to remind you that any interior repair expense below the Association’s deductible which results from a frozen pipe that has burst is assessed to the owner.