Update 4/2017: We are now at the limit.  No rentals can be made.

Per the Association’s Rules and Regulations, you are required to submit a current lease for your Dwelling within 10 days of signing the lease. A recent audit of our files showed that several leases are likely out of date and others are missing. Thus, we are asking all owners of rental dwellings to submit a current lease and renter information, even if the lease has not changed since you last submitted a lease to us.

The Association has a 30% rental cap (19 units) per Article VI Section 6 of the declaration and the Association is extremely close to hitting that cap so it is very important that you send us a current lease, as well as updated tenant information so that your Dwelling will still be listed as one of the permitted rentals in the Association.

Please submit the following to our service email at by February 15, 2017 as
required in the Rules:

  • Current Lease
  • Names of all Residents, including children
  • Phone number(s) and email(s) for your tenants
  • Emergency contact information for the tenants
  • Motor vehicle information.

We will add this information into Caliber and will start sending emailed notices to your tenants as well for items that pertain to both owners and tenants, which is a nice benefit as you won’t need to forward that information to them. This will save you time and effort and also help us provide better service to all of the Association’s residents.