Snow Blower

Below is an update from the contractor for the coming snow event and we ask that you please take a moment to read everything.

“Lots to talk about today with an impending storm Friday into Saturday.  The picture is becoming clearer, but we still have some big variables to work out yet.  I’ll outline what we think will happen as of today:

  1.  Snow starts in the metro around lunch time Friday

  2. Consistent and fairly heavy snow accumulates through midnight Friday night (4-6”)

  3. A lull could present itself overnight through 3am

  4. Steady snow again from 3am to 8am (2-3”)

  5. Temps remain in the 20’s F during the storm

  6. Winds pick up in a big way Saturday as the snow ends (30 to 50 MPH gusts)

  7. Snow looks to wrap up accumulation by 8 to 10am Saturday

With that outline, we would most likely set up for open up plowing starting at Midnight, that way by morning we have made plowing runs through our properties.  Then start full plows and shoveling services 8 to 10AM, and have everyone cleared by evening Saturday.

This plan can and very well may change depending on forecasts that come out tomorrow as the storm is approaching.  But for now this is what we are running with.

A few things to prepare residents and customers for:

 In large accumulation storms, there will be periods that properties become very difficult to travel in.  Open up plowing can be erased in an hour with high winds blowing snow back in.  Also shoveling becomes quite the challenge when winds are howling and temps are dropping.  If we do receive 10” or more, and winds are whipping at 40MPH, it will be a hard fought battle for our teams to make their way through.

One last note, the National Weather Service is suggesting NO Travel Friday into Saturday.  It’s been a while since we had a good old fashion winter storm here in the metro.  This one at least has the possibility of over producing snow and really creating a mess!  A few weather models are printing out 15” over the metro area……  It’s the outlier, but you never now.”

We thank you in advance for reading the update and being patient while the contract works on tackling this storm while doing their best to provide the best possible service.

If you have any questions, please contact us.