Roof shingles black

The property will be receiving new roofing starting on the 28th, weather pending.

Attached to your garage door is a VERY important letter that outlines expectations for owners and renters on parking, personal belonging removal and satalite dish informaiton. It’s expected that all members follow these expectations for parking as well as the steps that need to be taken to be prepared for the work on your roof.

Please note that NO OTHER items are to be dumped in the dumpster, fines will occur for owners or vendors that illegally dump items as these are designated to the vendor for the roof project only.

Please also note that cars may be towed at the owners’ expense if parking is not followed as directed in this note. If you have renters that you have not included in your owner Appfolio profile, please update your portal and forward this message on to them so they are not in violation.

Thank you and please follow the information on the attached garage flyer for any quesitons or concerns.

If you are going to be gone during this time please remove any personal items for the deck or patio that you do not want to risk being damaged in advance of your absense.