garage doors

As previously reported, your Board of Directors has contracted with Cannon Valley Garage Doors to replace the overhead garage doors and anticipate they will begin this work on May 21st. The Association will pay the costs for the new doors and the installation from the Replacement Reserve Fund. Enclosed is information from Cannon Valley Garage Doors about the installation process.

Similar to the trim work, Cannon Valley plans to begin work on the west side of the property (2310 garages) and work in a counterclockwise fashion, ending with the 2272 garages. Since Cannon Valley is replacing the door hardware, all items stored in the garages must be moved out of the way so that nothing is within 2’ of the door and all related hardware. Cannon Valley plans to do four to eight doors per day so they ask that residents watch for their progress and if your door is within ten doors of the work are, please make sure your door is unlocked, open, or disconnected from the opener so they can replace your door. Also, please take precautions to secure any valuables while this work is ongoing. Residents of the 2310 and 2296 building should have their garages accessible beginning May 21st.

The project involves removing the existing doors and installing new, white, double-sided steel insulated (R8) doors. Insulated doors were selected for their resistance to denting.
They will replace the spring, rollers and tracks as well and will reconnect the door to complying door openers previously installed. A complying door opener is one that meets today’s minimum safety requirements, including a circuit board safety reverse instead of a mechanical safety reverse, and must reverse on a 1” high object within two seconds of contact. Openers manufactured before 1986 generally do not comply, those between 1986 and 1990 sometimes do not comply, and those manufactured after 1990 generally do comply unless safety features have been disabled or no longer function. If your opener is not compliant, they are prohibited by law from connecting it.

If your opener is not compliant OR if you do not have an opener and would like one:
You can install your own or Cannon Valley Garage Doors can install a new opener for you. Please find enclosed information from Cannon Valley Garage Doors on their door opener options.

All doors will have a new emergency release installed. Cannon Valley will place the release keys on a nail inside the garage. Garages with out and opener will have a locking handle kit installed. Please note that the Association will not have copies of these keys.

The Board also approved new address plaques for the doors. These plaques have been ordered and will be installed after they arrive.

Do not hesitate to contact us at or 763.449.9100 should you have any questions regarding the project! Be sure to review this information with your tenant if you rent your unit.