garage doors

Earlier this year, your Board of Directors approved the replacement of all the overhead garage doors and garage door surrounds at Brandychase at Shepard Park. With the quick transition from winter to spring, we were notified that the contractor hired to replace the garage door surrounds is ready to start the project this week.

In this first phase of the project, all of the wood trim around the overhead garage doors will be removed. New white PVC trim will be installed in its place. The new trim will require much less maintenance than the wood trim. The PVC trim also does not require painting and is resistant to salt and moisture damage. The work will begin on the 2310 garage and work counterclockwise to the east, ending with the 2250 and 2272 garage. This phase of the project is expected to take about three weeks to complete, weather permitting.

Once the contractor has replaced roughly ½ of the surrounds, the replacement of the overhead doors will begin. We will send out additional information on this portion of the project as the start date approaches.

The surround replacement phase of this work does not require access to the garage stalls, however, we ask that if you remove any keypads that are installed on the trim, as the contractor cannot be held responsible for any damage to keypads or lockboxes mounted on the trim. As part of the garage door replacement phase, homeowners will be given an opportunity to replace their individual garage door openers at a reduced price. More information to follow.

One other important item: new garage door stop strips (the weatherstripping that goes around the door, will be installed when the new doors are installed. There will be a brief period where there is no weather stripping around the door, which could allow water from a wind-driven rain to enter your garage stall so please take appropriate measures to protect any items you may have stored in your garage.

Please let us know if you have an old keypad or key switch currently on your garage trim that is no longer in use. We do not want to reinstall any old equipment as that adds unnecessary holes in the new trim.