Weather permitting, TOMORROW, Thursday, October 1, MN Roadways is planning to begin asphalt removals and prep work in the parking lots located at the 2250 and 2272 buildings.

Please move your vehicles out of the 2250 and 2272 parking lots to Benson Ave by 7:00 am both Thursday & Friday, October 1 and 2.  This includes vehicles in garages if you need to drive it tomorrow or Friday.  If you have guests, this notice does apply also to them.  All vehicles must be removed from the 2250 and 2272 parking lots by 7:00 am both Thursday & Friday, October 1 and 2.

MN Roadways has posted notices on the garage doors affected.

After MN Roadways has removed the asphalt and have left for the day, you can drive onto the base.

Subsequent phases of work including concrete and paving would follow the next week and after.

Throughout this project your full cooperation is an absolute MUST in order to make it a success!!

Social distancing is to be practiced with crew and all residents for your own safety.

Plan ahead to help minimize any inconvenience to yourself and family members, while your parking lot is being done.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while the work is in progress.  

We understand how this impacts your time at home and will move through the project as efficiently as possible.