Guided by our Master Landscape Plan, this project entails renovation of the landscape foundation plantings around the 2250 & 2254 buildings. The existing plantings, rock, and edging will be removed and replaced with new plantings, shredded hardwood mulch, and steel edging. Any potential site repairs to turf will be included as part of this installation process.

March 2019 Update: We reached out to Urban Ecosystems to receive an update on project timing and were informed they are no longer installing projects. They are instead focusing solely on design and consultation. They have reached out to another vendor to install the project and they will be sending over their bid as soon as they are able.  While the unexpected delay and cancelation are disappointing, it will enable us to budget the 2310 building this year.


  • Existing River Rock
  • Existing Edging
  • Existing Plantings – shrubs

New Plantings

  • See Plant Schedule (Planting Plans)

Mulch Installation

  • 45 cu yds Shredded Hardwood Mulch

Edging Installation

  • 700’ Black Steel Edging
    • Changed to PVC due to cost increases.

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