We are excited to announce the release of Community Base, an Android & iOS app for our community!

Here are some of the key features of the app we have designed for your community:

  • Quick Access to Omega Property Management for things such as making a maintenance request or contacting us
  • Instant Communication: In the event of a high-priority situation, such as a snow plowing events or an emergency, our app will also allow us to send notices directly to residents who have installed the app for instant communication.
  • Homeowner access to the web portal to check their account
  • Signing the Annual Meeting proxy, and
  • Access to a savings tool with discounts provided through Innovia (https://innoviaco-op.com/) – a cooperative alliance for independent community management companies around the country of which Omega Property Management is a proud (and only local) member.

As we feel this will be a benefit to your community with ease of access to your account and ability to contact us, Omega Property Management is providing this app to you at no additional charge.

You may download the app for your community at https://app.appnotch.com/converter/download/storetenant/21278

If you own homes in multiple Omega managed communities, you will be able to toggle between the communities once downloaded through one app. Please share this with anyone else in your community who would benefit from this app and there is a handy Share feature in the app to facilitate distribution.




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