Covid 19

While our physical management office will be closed, almost all other aspects of community management will continue. Omega has invested in technology over the past few years so our computing environment is completely cloud-based, which allows our employees to work from anywhere so there will be no interruption in delivering our services. Phone calls and service tickets will be handled through the normal protocol.

Board Meetings

Omega will host Board meetings via Zoom, and instructions will be sent to Board Members and homeowners for any upcoming meetings.


Omega will still be completing site visits in order to continue to follow-up with essential maintenance requirements of the community. We have asked managers to reduce their “social exposure” during property visits and to focus on essential maintenance and community standards issues.

Assessment Payments

It is important that your community continue to receive its assessments from homeowners. However, we understand that these unprecedented times may have suddenly forced some homeowners into an unplanned financial situation. If you experience problems making your regularly scheduled assessment payment due to the pandemic, it is important that you contact us right away to discuss arrangements because your assessment will still be due and payable