In preparation for the 2018 Annual Meeting, interested parties should fill out a

BSP Candidate Form (18 KiB)

for use by any Homeowner interested in serving on the Board of Directors. Three Board positions will be open at the Annual Meeting as the terms of Ginger (appointed to fill the end of Janet’s term), Justin (appointed to fulfill term of Ladley) and Tom expire at the Annual Meeting. Ginger and Tom are both planning to rerun for the Board and Justin is currently undecided.

Any interested candidates are invited to complete the enclosed Candidate Profile Sheet and return it to our office by April 13th. Completed Candidate Profiles will be sent to Homeowners with the Annual Meeting Notice, which will provide them with the opportunity to learn more about the candidate(s) who wish to serve on the Board. This procedure, of course, does not preclude nominations from the floor during the meeting. Please do not return your form with your assessment payment, but send the form directly to our office.

You may also complete this form online at

Annual Meeting Date

The 2018 Annual Meeting has been set for 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 15, 2018. A formal meeting notice will be sent in accordance with the Association’s Bylaws.