With the coming winter weather, we would like to review several pertinent rules and other courtesies to help Homeowners avoid unwittingly violating them.

  • Plants must be removed from flower pots. Empty flower pots and exterior furniture may be neatly stacked and stored on patios and decks over the winter.
  • Holiday decorations, other than Christmas/Hanukkah, are allowed to be placed on entry doors, windows, and patios/balconies, for a maximum of two weeks.
  • Christmas/Hanukkah decorations are allowed from one week prior to Thanksgiving through January 31.
  • You are still responsible for immediately picking up dog feces. By removing them immediately, you avoid the collection of piles due to being covered by snowfall or freezing.
  • Don’t allow your pet to urinate in the same location, it will kill the grass.
  • Residents are encouraged to park their cars inside their garage whenever possible.
  • Residents should take care not to warm vehicles inside their garage due to the dangers of carbon monoxide buildup inside their garage stalls. Experts say 30 seconds should be sufficient to warm up today’s fuel-injected cars. If the goal is to get into a well-heated car, this should be done after backing the vehicle out of the garage stall. Residents should also invest in carbon monoxide detectors.
  • If you have control over one of the exterior faucets at the end of the building, you will need to make plans for its winterization. Please drain it before the temperature drops below freezing since water in the line could freeze causing the pipe inside your wall to burst.

Your Board of Directors and your neighbors thank you in advance for courteously following the Association’s rules. As always, feel free to call our office if you have any questions.