With only 33 open spaces for 64 units, there is often a parking shortage at Brandychase. We remind you that residents must limit their use of parking spaces to one per unit.

The Brandychase at Shepard Park Rules & Regulations also prohibits storing vehicles in the parking lot. Any Motor Vehicle which has not been operated on the public streets within the previous seven (7) days is considered a stored Motor Vehicle. Also, to reduce the number of vehicles attempting to use the parking lots, garages cannot be used for storage of personal property such that a motor vehicle can no longer be parked in the garage.

Residents violating the parking rules are cautioned that the Board or its designees are authorized to order vehicles found in violation to be towed from the Property at the vehicle owner’s expense and WITHOUT PRIOR WARNING. If you do not have a permit please contact us. You must be a resident to have a permit.