Garage Keys

We’re nearing the final few garage door replacements.  The locks were installed with the faceplate “up” as indicated, however – we’re finding your key may need to be inserted upside down to work.  It’s should slide in and turn smoothly.  If you feel resistance, turn the key over.

garage doors

Garage Trim & Door Replacement – Phase 2

As previously reported, your Board of Directors has contracted with Cannon Valley Garage Doors to replace the overhead garage doors and anticipate they will begin this work on May 21st. The Association will pay the costs for the new doors and the installation from the Replacement Reserve Fund. Enclosed is information from Cannon Valley Garage […]

garage doors

Garage Trim & Door Replacement – Phase 1

Earlier this year, your Board of Directors approved the replacement of all the overhead garage doors and garage door surrounds at Brandychase at Shepard Park. With the quick transition from winter to spring, we were notified that the contractor hired to replace the garage door surrounds is ready to start the project this week.