The Board of Directors consists of Homeowners, elected by the Homeowners, to represent the interests of the Association. Directors are volunteers dedicated to protecting and enhancing the qualities of the Association.

Board Meetings

Your Board of Directors meets on a regular schedule: the second Thursday of the odd month (January, March, etc.) in one of the Board Members’ homes.

Homeowners are always welcome to attend and there is an opportunity at the beginning of the meeting for Homeowners to discuss their concerns with the Board. If you have specific business you would like to submit to the Board for further consideration, you may email us by contacting our management agent prior to the meeting.

Board Meeting Minutes

It is the responsibility of the Association Secretary to prepare the minutes of the Board Meetings. Below you will find a link to a directory of Board Meeting minutes for the past several years. Minutes from prior years are available at our registered corporate office.

Meeting minutes are available on the homeowner portal.

đź”’View Archived Minutes