One of the most basic functions of a condominium association is to protect property values. The association does this by following good maintenance practices and thru the architectural review process. One of the first things that a developer does in the development process for a new property is to hire an architect to create an attractive design. Although individual buildings may differ in a number of ways, a basic design theme is carried thru so that the end result is designed harmony throughout the community.

Maintaining that harmony of design is critical to protecting property values which could otherwise be harmed by ill-advised changes. Therefore any exterior change to your condominium or the grounds must first be approved in writing by the Board. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because you have seen the same change made elsewhere within the community, that you don’t need to go thru the approval process. That other change may not have been submitted for approval, or the architectural standards may have changed. Since the consequences of not obtaining prior approval can be serious, including fines and being required to restore the property to its original appearance, always be on the safe side and submit an Architectural Request.

Architectural Requests

If you are considering making an architectural change, please complete an:

Architectural Request Form (77 KiB)

These forms must be submitted and approved prior to making any architectural changes. Please submit for approval to:

Omega Property Management
Attn: Carol Crosby
6901 East Fish Lake Road, Suite 100
Maple Grove, MN 55369

or email to: