One of the most important events on the Brandychase at Shepard Park annual calendar is the Annual Membership Meeting. The Bylaws require that the Annual Meeting must be held in April. It is at this meeting that the members elect persons to fill the expiring terms on the Board of Directors. The Treasurer also reviews the Annual Report and an opportunity is provided for Members to ask questions and raise issues of general interest (you are encouraged to attend one of the regular Board meetings if you have a concern specific to yourself or your condominiums). Annual Meetings have traditionally been held in April at the Hillcrest Community Recreation Center, 1978 Ford Parkway. In 2016 the well-attended meeting was held at 7th Street Social just down the block – a likely new home for our meetings.

A couple of months prior to the Annual Meeting, the Board begins their search for candidates. The only legal requirements to be a Director is that one must be an owner. No particular work experience or skills are required, just a genuine desire to make decisions for the greater good of Brandychase at Shepard Park and it’s owners, and the willingness to review the material provided in advance of each Board meeting so that you can make informed decisions. Most Directors genuinely enjoy the experience of serving on the Board.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please contact a Board Member for additional information.

Annual Meeting Minutes

It is the responsibility of the Association Secretary to prepare minutes of the Annual Membership Meeting, and any Special Membership Meetings, and for the Homeowners to approve them at the following meeting. Below you will find a link to a directory of Annual and Special Membership Meeting minutes for the past several years. Minutes from prior years are available at our registered corporate office.

Meeting minutes are available on the homeowner portal.

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